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I The Water

I The Water


Try and picture what would happen to your life if one day you’d wake up incredibly rich.
6 numbers to overturn everything you think of your life…
Parents, friends, your job..nothing will be the same again.. nothing

Not even you


01 – Crazy for money –
If this is a dream I don’t wanna get up
6 magic numbers, I can’t believe I’m the chosen one
Golden mountains are waiting for me
Million dollars are growing in my hands

Some hundreds cars will run for me
I’ll be the wish of all women you know
While golden rain covers up everything
I will become a fucking immortal man!

But something strange comes across in my mind
Now I’m afraid, what will happen to me?
Now I must run away from all of you!

Money, the fate chose me for
Money, I can buy happiness
Money, I’ll buy you too with my …
Money, the Devil chose me for
Money, I became slave of my
Money, I wanna run away from my…

I can’t believe how many people I know
Everyone desires something from me
You call me friend, but I don’t know who you are
You call me brother, but I’ve never seen your face

If this is a dream now I wanna wake up
6 wicked numbers, I can’t believe I’m the damned one!
Golden mountains now tumbling over me
Dollars flow out of my pockets choking me

How can I hide myself from you?
How can I hide my money too?


…. immaginate per un solo istante cosa potrebbe accadere alla vostra vita se un giorno vi svegliaste improvvisamente ricchi…
6 numeri alla lotteria che stravolgono tutto quello che avete di certo nella vostra esistenza…
Parenti, amici, lavoro… nulla sarebbe più come prima… nulla..

… Nemmeno voi …

Sometimes it happens that everything we have is not enough to make us happy.
Even if we’re fine there’s always deep down something pushing us to go beyond and see what’s beneath the horizon…
Go towards who’s waiting for us beyond what the eye can see…
Not knowing what could happen or who we might find, the important thing is to leave everything that choke us and keeps us from seeking hope in the unknown…
Clouds bring rain floating by the wind, they don’t choose their path, same as us, we have objectives have expectations and then? There’s always obstacles making it…

02 – I won’t return
If you look in the sky, searching for the moon
tonight you’ll find, just heavy clouds
they are bringers of rain, but not at this time
they have gone in a desert far away.
I would like to see, fall down the rain
Don’t try to stop me now I’m going away

I will follow them – I won’t return
Don’t look for me, don’t look anymore
I don’t know what I’ll find, but I know what I left
Escape from this kind of life and dip in mystery

If you are scanning the horizon, searching for my face
Tonight you’ll see, just the trail of my shadow
I’ve followed the rain, I’m riding the wind
I’ve wandered the lands, there’s no reason for this
Clouds fill another sky, again one more time
Don’t try to stop them now, they are going away


If you’re looking in the sky, searching for the moon
Tonight you’ll find, just heavy clouds
They are bringers of rain, but not at this time
They have gone in a desert far away.
If you are scanning the horizon, searching for my face
Tonight you’ll see, the trail of my shadow
Follow the rain, I’ll follow the rain
I’m Running away – again

I will follow them – I won’t return
Don’t look for me, don’t look anymore
I don’t know what I’ll find, But I know what I left
Escape from this kind of life …and
dip in mystery, dip in mystery
in mystery, in mystery

I will follow them – I won’t return
Don’t look for me, I don’t look anymore
I don’t know what I’ll find, but I know what I left
Escape from this kind of life …

I will follow them – I won’t return
I’m running away, I’m running away….

Alle volte può capitare che tutto quello che abbiamo attorno a noi non sia sufficiente a farci sentire realizzati e felici.
Anche se stiamo bene abbiamo sempre in fondo in fondo nell’animo un qualcosa che vorrebbe spingerci oltre e vedere cosa si cela oltre l’orizzonte…
Andare incontro a chi ci sta aspettando da sempre oltre a dove l’occhio vede…
Non si sa cosa potrebbe accadere o chi potremmo incontrare, l’importante è andare via da tutto ciò che ci soffoca e ci costringe a cercare speranza nell’ignoto…
Le nubi portano pioggia sospinte dal vento… non sono loro a decidere il loro percorso… esattamente come noi… ci poniamo degli obbiettivi e delle aspettative, ma poi? C’è sempre un qualcosa che ci ostacola e che ci rende impossibile raggiungere il nostro desiderio…
Sono questi i momenti in cui vorremmo andare via, non importa dove, se soli o con qualcuno… magari basta seguire le nuvole nel cielo e avere la certezza di non tornare …

Dressed in shadow she comes and takes you, doesn’t matter you’re waiting or not, she comes from darkness and there she takes you, in the city of lost souls

03 – Shadowy dressed

Calm and quiet she appears
like dust rising by the wind

The black shape proceeded through the room…
… the old room cut by a deaf candle light

The death shadowy dressed gazed at me and she laughed at me…
her sneer burnt with my fear…
I’ d like to be saved by the daybreak light
but the slow run of time killed my hope
leaving me alone into the darkness with her

The bright blade in few moments
soaks itself with my blood
and cold floods my deadly body

And now my being will wander for the eternity
mislaid into the darkness of the lost soul city….

Vestita di sola ombra Lei viene a prenderti, che tu la stia spettando o meno… appare dal buio e nel buio ti porta con se… nella città delle anime perse…

Sometimes it happens you look up to someone, people or things that makes out road clearer
Walking in shadow scares us, not knowing where the next step is, never knowing where we might hit…
Without our star’s warmth you be’me cold and lose the will to live, you feel like dying…

But you got to fight hard against darkness, to come back in the light and be stronger that ever, to fly higher than ever …

04 – Higher than ever

I’d like the sun to shine again high in the sky
to light my steps
Without light I don’t dare to walk
Cause I can’t see where I step

Without the heat of the sun my heart has become ice-cold stone
Where my name and my past are engraved
This stone is the grave of a dead never dead warrior
The tomb of my body is not my soul grave

The sun will shine again and even if it won’t heat my body
It will free my soul and it will fly again
Higher than ever
Stronger than ever

Alle volte nella vita capita di perdere dei riferimenti importanti, persone e cose che illuminano il nostro cammino…
Camminare al buio fa paura, non si sa dove si mettono i piedi, non si sa contro cosa si può sbattere…
Senza il calore del nostro sole si diventa freddi, si perde l’emozione del vivere… ci si sente morire…
Ma bisogna combattere contro il buio per tornare nella luce e volare più in alto prima, per essere più forti di prima…


Seeing what’s happening around us it’s great to hope for a place in the world, even if far away, where there’s no war and injustice, where all it matters is who you are and not what you have, where gold, oil and religions don’t rule. A place where to live in peace and enjoy life sorrounded by nature.

And so i look far up in the sky, i look at the horizon, where clouds and mountains touch in the magic of the sunset and an explosion of thousands of colors fill the space and time. That’s the place i seek, in a land far, far away.

05 – So far away

Tell me again about your travel
When you were a young man

I was just a little child but I’ve never forgot
Your words full of magic

I remember the light in your eyes
When you spoke about thousands of men
They didn’t know what hate meant
Just the peace of the sun fills their lives

Now that I’m a man too
I’d like to go where you said
Please show me the way to this land
Or if you’ll go again take me there with you

Look far away in the sky
Where clouds and mountains
Joining them in the magic of the sunset
Bursting in a thousand colours
They now fill the space
They now fill the time…. Between us

Now I know they have no religion
To teach them to kill the faithless
They just hope to live after death
In the same way they spent their days

Now I see they have no gold
But they don’t know what poverty is
Their richness is deep down in their hearts
None of them will lose this gift


Now that I’m a man too
I’ve been where you said
I’ve found the way to this land
Maybe one day we’ll meet again

Vedendo quello che ci accade attorno è bello poter sperare che ci sia un posto nel mondo, anche se molto lontano, dove non ci sono guerre ed ingiustizie, dove conta chi sei e non quello che hai, dove non comandano oro, petrolio o religioni… un posto dove poter vivere in pace e godersi la vita avvolti nella natura.

E allora guardo lontano nel cielo.. guardo all’orizzonte… dove le nuvole e le montagne si uniscono nella magia del tramonto ed un esplosione di mille colori riempie lo spazio ed il tempo… quello è il posto che cerco… in una terra molto, molto lontana…

What if tomorrow you wouldn’t be here anymore, would you be ready for that? Would you say you achieved all you ever wanted? Would you be ready for the great beyond?

How would you explain to destiny that it’s not your turn? How would you keep yourself into this side and not being taken to the realms of death? What would you say to people seeing you gone, that you’re still there with them? If.. you’re actually there

06 – Ghost

I don’t know how to break the sky
I don’t know how to hit the ground
Too much things can’t stay undone
I don’t wanna leave this life

The shadowy dressed calls my name,
Leaves my body on the ground,
Brings my soul to the other side,
But there’s no reason to take this way

I’m too young, I’ve no fault
many people fit more than me
I don’t follow my destiny
I’ve to stay again in this world

Now I’ve no body, I have no soul
You can’t see me but I’m here!
I scream your name but it’s not possible
I’m invisible to the mortal men

I don’t know how to break the sky
I don’t know how to hit the ground
Too much things can’t stay undone
I don’t wanna leave this life
I don’t know how to burn in fire
I don’t know how to see the light
I have seen into the other side
But I’ve come back to this world

Too many people around the coffin
I can see who cries for me
I can see who smiles for this
I can’t believe this is my funeral!

I can’t realize how this could be true
It seems a dream but not for me
I can pass through any kind of walls
But I can’t escape from this prison

I see you, I hear you, but I can’t touch you
I walk, I fly, I can pass through the walls
I fell, I cry, I can’t tell this to you


Se domani voi ci foste più sareste pronti? Avete fatto nella vostra vita tutto quello che avreste voluto fare? Sareste pronti per l’aldilà?

Come riuscireste a spiegare al destino che non tocca ancora a voi? Come fareste a restare ancora da “questo lato dell’essere terreno” e non farvi portare oltre il confine della morte? Come direste a quelli che vi vedono morti che ci siete ancora?…. ammesso che ci siate ancora….

1998 Bangladesh floods …

Waking up one day and see that the quiet waters you’re used to, transformed in a destructive force, from cradle of life to death and pain, from infinite flat oceans to bringer of tears of blood …

Tears that are mother nature’s cry, for the sadness and suffering she endured with what her kids did to the world. Tears of sorrow for having been used after she donated herself whole. Tears or rage for they have to suffer …

Tears that will rip apart humanity …

07 – I, the Water

Here I am, I’m the Water…
Source of life… Creator of death…
My revenge will come soon!
From the sky I will come and it will be your end!

There was a time when I was a placid brook
Gurgling with shining light… I ran towards the valley,
Through magic forests and endless plains
I brought you comfort and peace.

There was a time when I was a deep and unknown sea,
Immense expanse of water, embraced between Earth and Sky
Eternally caressed by sweet breezes,
For you… shining mirror font of life

There was a time when I was docile and fertile rain…
Infinity of fresh and pacific drops,
Wonderful clouds of my essence
To paint in white the blue sky

There was a time when I was soft and pure snow…
I covered the winter sadness with cheerful white
From the top of tall mountains I reigned on the Earth…
Indisputable symbol of purity

I’m your loving Mother… your creator
In my arms I cradled you…
With my efforts I brought you up
I fed you by my breast
With my eyes I looked after you….

But you, my charming sons… you are killing me!
Why? You Tell me why you answered so much love with hate?
You exploited me for your bad choices!
You cancelled my purity and ruined my essence,
Polluted my soul and raped my power!
I’ve given so much, too much!

My revenge is imminent…
I’ll give off my repressed rage
through my great power
rivers will sweep your houses away…
Seas will choke and I will cancel you…
I’ll come from the sky
to fill your eyes with the end!
Because God will want it…
Because I will want it!

1998 – Alluvione Bangladesh

Svegliarsi un giorno qualunque e vedere che dall’altra parte del mondo la pacatezza dell’acqua si trasforma in forza distruttrice, da culla della vita a portatrice di morte, da immensi oceani a devastanti gocce di sangue…

Gocce che sono le lacrime di Madre Natura… lacrime di tristezza per come i suoi figli si sono comportati con lei e tutto il suo creato… lacrime di delusione per l’aver donato se stessa ed essere stata sfruttata… lacrime di rabbia per dover infliggere una punizione all’uomo….

… lacrime che travolgeranno l’umanità…

Walking on the street and see something strange in everyone …

Walking on the street and be taken as someone different …

Talking about people without knowing …

Listening to people without understanding …

Words don’t make sense if we don’t have any ourselves …

If you feel the same don’t hold off, come and join us on our questo for the land of freedom …

08 – Land of freedom

When I walk through the street
there’s something strange in others
there’s something strange in me

When I look into the sky
I can’t see the moon and stars
‘cause they have gone away

If you are feeling like me
what can we do?
I will escape from this
would you like to come with me?

When I look in people’s eyes
I can’t understand them at all
they can’t understand me

When i try to speak with you
words have no sense
‘cause we have no sense

If you are feeling like me
what can we do?
I will escape from this
would you like to come with me?

We are searching for a land of freedom
Oh will we find this kind of prophecy?
We are searching for a land of freedom
Oh will we resolve this kind of mystery?
We are searching for a land of freedom
Oh please my brothers come all with me
We are searching for a land of freedom
Oh please my brothers come all with me

Camminare in strada vedendo qualcosa di strano negli altri…

Camminare in strada ed essere guardati come qualcuno di strano…

Parlare alla gente senza essere capito….

Ascoltare la gente e non capire…

Le parole non hanno senso se non siamo noi ad verne…

Se queste sensazioni sono anche le tue non esitare… vieni con no ia cercare la terra della libertà…

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