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I The Water-03 Shadowy Dressed

I The Water-03 Shadowy Dressed


Dressed in shadow she comes and takes you, doesn’t matter you’re waiting or not, she comes from darkness and there she takes you, in the city of lost souls

03 – Shadowy dressed

Calm and quiet she appears
like dust rising by the wind

The black shape proceeded through the room…
… the old room cut by a deaf candle light

The death shadowy dressed gazed at me and she laughed at me…
her sneer burnt with my fear…
I’ d like to be saved by the daybreak light
but the slow run of time killed my hope
leaving me alone into the darkness with her

The bright blade in few moments
soaks itself with my blood
and cold floods my deadly body

And now my being will wander for the eternity
mislaid into the darkness of the lost soul city….

Vestita di sola ombra Lei viene a prenderti, che tu la stia spettando o meno… appare dal buio e nel buio ti porta con se… nella città delle anime perse…

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