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I The Water-04 Higher than ever

I The Water-04 Higher than ever


Sometimes it happens you look up to someone, people or things that makes out road clearer
Walking in shadow scares us, not knowing where the next step is, never knowing where we might hit…
Without our star’s warmth you be’me cold and lose the will to live, you feel like dying…

But you got to fight hard against darkness, to come back in the light and be stronger that ever, to fly higher than ever …

04 – Higher than ever

I’d like the sun to shine again high in the sky
to light my steps
Without light I don’t dare to walk
Cause I can’t see where I step

Without the heat of the sun my heart has become ice-cold stone
Where my name and my past are engraved
This stone is the grave of a dead never dead warrior
The tomb of my body is not my soul grave

The sun will shine again and even if it won’t heat my body
It will free my soul and it will fly again
Higher than ever
Stronger than ever

Alle volte nella vita capita di perdere dei riferimenti importanti, persone e cose che illuminano il nostro cammino…
Camminare al buio fa paura, non si sa dove si mettono i piedi, non si sa contro cosa si può sbattere…
Senza il calore del nostro sole si diventa freddi, si perde l’emozione del vivere… ci si sente morire…
Ma bisogna combattere contro il buio per tornare nella luce e volare più in alto prima, per essere più forti di prima…


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