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I The Water-07 I, the water

I The Water-07 I, the water


1998 Bangladesh floods …

Waking up one day and see that the quiet waters you’re used to, transformed in a destructive force, from cradle of life to death and pain, from infinite flat oceans to bringer of tears of blood …

Tears that are mother nature’s cry, for the sadness and suffering she endured with what her kids did to the world. Tears of sorrow for having been used after she donated herself whole. Tears or rage for they have to suffer …

Tears that will rip apart humanity …

07 – I, the Water

Here I am, I’m the Water…
Source of life… Creator of death…
My revenge will come soon!
From the sky I will come and it will be your end!

There was a time when I was a placid brook
Gurgling with shining light… I ran towards the valley,
Through magic forests and endless plains
I brought you comfort and peace.

There was a time when I was a deep and unknown sea,
Immense expanse of water, embraced between Earth and Sky
Eternally caressed by sweet breezes,
For you… shining mirror font of life

There was a time when I was docile and fertile rain…
Infinity of fresh and pacific drops,
Wonderful clouds of my essence
To paint in white the blue sky

There was a time when I was soft and pure snow…
I covered the winter sadness with cheerful white
From the top of tall mountains I reigned on the Earth…
Indisputable symbol of purity

I’m your loving Mother… your creator
In my arms I cradled you…
With my efforts I brought you up
I fed you by my breast
With my eyes I looked after you….

But you, my charming sons… you are killing me!
Why? You Tell me why you answered so much love with hate?
You exploited me for your bad choices!
You cancelled my purity and ruined my essence,
Polluted my soul and raped my power!
I’ve given so much, too much!

My revenge is imminent…
I’ll give off my repressed rage
through my great power
rivers will sweep your houses away…
Seas will choke and I will cancel you…
I’ll come from the sky
to fill your eyes with the end!
Because God will want it…
Because I will want it!

1998 – Alluvione Bangladesh

Svegliarsi un giorno qualunque e vedere che dall’altra parte del mondo la pacatezza dell’acqua si trasforma in forza distruttrice, da culla della vita a portatrice di morte, da immensi oceani a devastanti gocce di sangue…

Gocce che sono le lacrime di Madre Natura… lacrime di tristezza per come i suoi figli si sono comportati con lei e tutto il suo creato… lacrime di delusione per l’aver donato se stessa ed essere stata sfruttata… lacrime di rabbia per dover infliggere una punizione all’uomo….

… lacrime che travolgeranno l’umanità…

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